Ataturk Airport (IST)

Travel Distance: Approximately 18 km/11 miles
Options for getting to and from the hotel include:


Fee: Most taxis do not have credit card machines and accept Turkish Liras. Fees
vary beginning atA� 50.- TL or EUR 18.-
Hours: 24 hours
Travel Time: 30 – 60 minutes


Fee: AroundA�EUR 1.50.-
Hours: M1 and T1 lines run from 6:00-00:00 daily
Travel Time: 75-90 minutes
About: From IST Airport, take the M1 Havalimani-Aksaray line to Aksaray. Get out
at Zeytinburnu, the 6th stop, and in
order to transfer to the T1 Zeytinburnu-Kabatas line. Exit the Metro train and use
another token to enter the tram
turnstiles on the same platform. Look for trams marked Eminonu or Kabatas.
(Eminonu and Kabatas are on the same line)
Get off at the Sultanahmet stop, The hotel is a 10 minute walk

Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW)

A� Travel Distance: Approximately 58 km/36 miles
Options for getting to and from the hotel include:


Fee: Most taxis do not have credit card machines and only accept Turkish Liras.
Fees vary and begin at 50 EUR.
Hours: 24 hours
Travel Time: 90 – 150 minutes

HavataAY SAW Sabiha Gokcen Airport Shuttle Bus

With HAVATAS Shuttles you can travel to and from Sabiha GA�kA�en Airport, to KadA�kA�y and Taksim.The shuttles are white colored and parked in front of the terminal building arrivals level exit ready to take you to Taksim for a fee of 14 TL and to KadA�kA�y for a fee of 9 TL. Shuttlea��s Taksim departure point is across Taksim Divan hotel, in front of the Point Hotel. KadA�kA�y departure point is the pier. Shuttles work between 03:30 am and 01:00 am hours. For detailed informationA�about departure times please click

By Taxi

Taxis are available 24/7 everywhere in the city. It is recommended to only hire taxis from an official cab company. They are bright yellow and have a sign on the roof with the word ‘Taksi’ on it. The taxi plate number and sometimes company logo should be clearly visible on the front doors and the roof. All official taxis have digital meters.

Payments a�� Jetons and A�stanbulKart

If you will be staying in Istanbul for only a few days, you can use token or electronic ticket, that can be provided from a�?Jetonmatika�? or a�?Biletmatika�? machines in transportation hubs. They accept both banknotes and coins. Alternatively, you can find electronic tickets at the newspaper stands, kiosks and ticket booths near stations, piers and stops.

If you will be in Istanbul for more than a couple of days, the easiest thing is to buy an Istanbulkart for payment on virtually all public transportation. It costs only 10 TL. The Istanbulkart is sold at A�ETT counters near major transportation hubs like EminA�nA?, Taksim and BeAYiktaAY. Also ita��s widely available at the newspaper stands and kiosks near major transit stops such as EminA�nA?, Sultanahmet, Sirkeci, Taksim, etc.

To load money to the card, you can again use A�ETT counters and private vendors, written a�?Istanbulkart (or Akbil) Dolum NoktasA�a�? on them. All you should do is to give the attendant money with your card and tell how much you want to be loaded. But also you can use Automatic Vending Machines (OSM) in or near transportation hubs. Dona��t worry, there is English language option in those.

To use your Istanbulkart on the metro or ferry, you place the card on the electronic readers placed on top of the turnstiles. For buses, the reader is next to the drivera��s seat.

Most of transportation costs 2.15 TL per ride. The first transfer in 2 hours costs 1.45 TL and it decreases gradually by 0.25 TL until the third transfer. One exception is metrobus which costs 2.15 TL from 1 to 3 stops (but you must press your card to one of the small machines when you get out).

Note that you can use your Istanbulkart for more than one person, but the second one costs you two times more.

Sultanahmet Mah. Torun Sok. No:19 A� 34400 Fatih / Istanbul

TEL : (+90) 212 458 04 60

FAX:A�(+90) 212 518 62 24